Saturday, October 16, 2010


Hi S1-07,

Just wondering if anyone knows how to see 3D autostereograms (a.k.a. magic eye). For your information, it is a type of stereogram, which includes, you know, the type where you have to put on 3D glasses? Well, here is something similar to wish you on before the exams below(Just that 3D glasses are NOT involved, just technique). To view the wishes for all of you, use the following steps:
  1. A guide is provided in the image. Try to cross your eyes until the two circles above the image meet (cross-eyed method)
  2. If using this method doesn't work, you can either
    1. Keep repeating step 1 again.
    2. Click on the image for a full-sized one (may be easier)
    3. Use the alternative method (wall-eyed method)
    4. Click on the 'Give-up' button below the image to see what really is the hidden image behind or to just check your answers.
    Refer to wikipedia's page on stereograms to find out more info and about how to see it by clicking here:
  3. There are no more steps, you may start reading from step 1 again until you are happy with it XD.

So, here's the image below (Clicking on the image shows you a bigger image, lol):

Really unable to see the image, or just want to check the answers?
Here are two options:

Or...if you would like to find out more, just visit: after the EOYs.

Anyways, still, after this post, Good Luck for the EOYs!!!

By: S1-07 Ammonium (aka NH4+)


  1. One more thing, one is unable to cross-eye the circles on top because they are flipped, thus cannot 'overlap' each other, if you get what I mean

  2. Actually, you can still view if the circles are flipped, but anyways, the picture has been changed :)