Friday, October 15, 2010

Sound or unsound advice?

1.Never get a tattoo done during an earthquake.
2.One good thing about mobile homes is that when it is on fire you can meet the fire engine halfway.
3.Don't take Diet Coke with Mentos.
4.When arguing with a stupid person,make sure he isn't doing the same.
5.To avoid scalding your hands in hot water,feel it by putting your hand in.
6.The nice thing about wearing boots is that your socks don't have to match.
7.In an undeveloped country,don't drink the water.In a developed country,don't breathe the air.
8.Look over the top of your glasses so that you won't wear the lenses out.
9.Ride the MRT during the rush hour and get your shirt pressed free.
10.Misers are not nice to live with,but they make wonderful ancestors.
11.If lightning strikes,make sure you are walking next to a tall person.
12.Tip for doctors:Just in case your patient has amnesia,collect the fee in advance.
13.He who sleeps with an itchy butt wakes up with smelly fingers.
14.When at a barber shop, ask for 1 inch and you'll either be extremely lucky or in deep trouble.

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