Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Hi S1-07,

Welcome to the S1-07 fun page! Having too much homejoy? Take a break here now. Now, you may be wondering what this page is for. Well, for your information, the aim of this new blog for S1-07 is to relieve everyone of stress as EOYs are just around the corner now. In this blog, anything that benefits in relieving stress are allowed to be posted on this blog, as long as they help to relieve stress. For example, you may post a joke of the day, or just even any interesting widget on this blog to relieve stress.

To take part, just simply comment your blogger email in the comments section below and you will be able to edit this blog in 72 hrs.

Thank you S1-07 and have a nice day.


  1. erm mine is add me on ichat if u guys have :)

  2. Me is the

  3. mine is

  4. BTW How do u create the pop up button?

  5. & :D

  6. you may post anything on this blog or make changes anytime you like as long as it does not violate any cyberwellness rules.